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Thursday, July 11, 2002

I made up a new blog! I've been trying to change my templates from the old one but evertime I do so the new ones doesnt seem to show up. It sucks! I hope this one works. I have about more than 10 entries in my very first blog template. I archived it but I dunno if I can transfer it here.I'm ignoramus about such technical stuff. After not seeing my replaced templated I made another one. But I didnt liked it. It's basically thesame at the first one but something's nirght too. I finally decided to make a new blog with a new template. Now, the problem is I have to fixed settings and the stuff inside the html thingie template and I'm having problesm with that.. I just hope this one works out fine. Okay here goes nothing. I'm gonna fixed this new blog. See you soon! haaa